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International Travel

Resources for Travel Information

IAMAT (International Association of medical Assistance for Travelers)
This voluntary organization provides lists of doctors available to treat foreign travelers in over 120 locations around the world. A valuable source of disease information in countries, obtained directly from IAMAT participating physicians.

WHO (World Health Organization)
This page connects you to reports (such as the Weekly Epidemiological Record), disease information and regional health warnings and immunization recommendations.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) U.S.
This gateway page provides information on geographical warnings (much of the information taken from WHO) and specific vaccine recommendations for travelers (some of it different from WHO). Special links to infectious disease information sheets and topics of interest to travelers - including cruise ship inspection reports.

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories
Consular information sheets are available for every country in the world. Travel warnings are issues when the U.S. Department of State decides to recommend against foreign travel to specific countries. This foreign travel information is cross-referenced by dates of issue and country.

CDC Moridity and Mortality Weekly Report
Prepared by the U.S. CDC, this weekly report at times lists topics of interest for foreign traveler. Generally the information relates to domestic U.S. health disease information issues.

U.S. Department of State Passport Services
Passport applications can be downloaded from the site, as well as information concerning how to apply, what visas are required for various countries, and important links to other Department of State information sources.

Weather site linked to NBC for U.S. and foreign weather. Also contains links to individual country information concerning travel safety and other issues.

Immunization Information
Required immunizations are all listed on the IAMAT website.