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Sleet storm in Minnesota, canoeing Oct 1988

(Tom Todd, Cliff Jacobson, Doc Forgey)

Solo tracking canoe upriver, Northern Manitoba,  Canada

(James Ross)

This page supports wilderness canoeing activities, training, and the books which I deem the best on the subject...

- William W. Forgey, M.D.

The rapids on the river located about 3 miles below my cabin 

- Manitoba, Canada, 1981

Cliff Jacobson is but without a doubt the modern Rutstrum. He has continued to evolve tenting techniques, knot systems, canoe design and strokes, cooking styles, you name it.... He is one of North America's most respected outdoors writers, and uses his thirty plus years of river running to give you sound advice and advanced techniques for canoeing and exploring North America's wilderness rivers. No library is complete without his books on these and other various wilderness subjects.


Expedition Canoeing, 20th Anniversary Edition: A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America (How to Paddle Series) -- The best expedition canoeing book available, and the premier guide to canoeing and exploring North America's wilderness rivers. This updated 20th anniversary edition covers route and trip planning, paddling and camping gear, dealing with bears, canoe hazards, rescue, and barren-land travel. Inside you'll find dozens of black-and-white and color photos, how-to illustrations, source charts, canoeing and camping tricks. Preparation and skills are everything when expedition canoeing. Take along this guide on all of your canoeing adventures.


Basic Essentials Canoeing, 3rd (Basic Essentials Series) -- An information-packed tool for the novice or handy reference for the veteran. Cliff distills years of knowledge in an affordable and portable book. For a generation, the Basic Essentials series has been as much a part of the outdoors experience as backpacks and hiking boots.


Basic Essentials Solo Canoeing, 2nd (Basic Essentials Series) -- Cliff provides the reader and solo adventurist the knowledge needed in choosing the right canoe for solo travel, the art of paddling even maneuvering through quick waters, along with camping information and types of gear that un-encumbers solo canoeing. This book is for those of us who are at ease and comfortable with our own companionship, enjoy silence as never heard before, prefer making decisions on our own and are capable of doing so, gliding through cold waters under ones own single stroke, solo canoeing can bring you closer to unfettered wilderness travel like nothing else. There is an uncommon freedom in paddling at a speed your comfortable with, sliding up on moist sandy soil along the shore at whim, setting up a comfortable campsite with just the right view, cooking and enjoying a meal of your own choosing. And all the while, listening to only the sounds nature provides.


Canoeing & Camping Beyond the Basics, 3rd: 30th Anniversary Edition (How to Paddle Series) -- A thoroughly modern, ultra complete book for those who love canoes and the magic of wild places. This book begins with the basics and progresses through expedition techniques that only experts know-and which you won't find in other books.


Boundary Waters Canoe Camping, 2nd Edition -- The Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), located in northeastern Minnesota, is a legendary wilderness destination for canoeists from around the world. It is located in northeastern Minnesota just south of the Ontario border, and offers paddlers a thousand pristine lakes and streams and more than a million acres of solitude and wild beauty. Long time guide and canoe authority Cliff Jacobson explains the best and safest ways of planning and enjoying a BWCA journey. This book includes maps, illustrations, and information on obtaining permits, packing the right supplies, practicing low-impact camping techniques, honing paddling skills, traveling with children, and dealing with hazards on land and water.


Other books by Cliff Jacobson can be found on the Camping, Knots and Wilderness Navigation pages of this website, by clicking on the page title at the upper-left section on every website page.


Calvin Rutstrum


North American Canoe Country: The Classic Guide to Canoe Technique -- Calvin Rutstrum's fans have long known about his nuts and bolts approach to wilderness living. With the reissue of this book, a new generation of readers has the opportunity to learn time-tested secrets of a safe canoe adventure from a master outdoorsman. Written as a guide for travelers who want to embark on a self-sufficient trip deep into wilderness, this book offers readers all the information they need to plan and undertake a canoe trip.


Other books by Calvin Rutstrum can be found on the Camping, and Wilderness Navigation pages of this website, by clicking on the page title at the upper-left section on every website page.


Other Books on Canoeing


Some other helpful expedition canoe books are: Davidson and Rugge's classic The Complete Wilderness Paddler,