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Li River,

Peoples' Republic of China, July 1996




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A technical web site with references to literature, web based research, support for select publications, and equipment for wilderness travel, and international travel. 
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This web site is designed to provide the user with information having to do with wilderness adventure, such as camping, canoeing, international travel, wilderness medicine, how to tie knots, wilderness navigation, or using a map and compass, as well as other topics to be added over time. We’ve identified knowledgeable people and authors who’ve traveled the wilderness adventurously, and included some of their quotes, writings, books, and experiences.

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Three of a six person team stand on a lake, in minus 40 f deg. weather,

for an extraction plane that was 3 days late due to bad weather.

Northern Manitoba, Canada early January 1978

Muskege tiaga, Northern Manitoba Canada, July 1993

My name is James D. Ross, a long time friend of Dr. William Forgey M.D., creating my first web site, under his direction. I may not so much be a Webmaster, as a Web-greenhorn, yet, I pursue the craft. I met Dr. Forgey during a fierce winter snow storm, buffeting northwest Indiana, during a lecture and slide presentation, given by Dr. Forgey, early in 1978, of his building a wilderness cabin in northernmost Manitoba, Canada. It had been his dream over many years to build a remote wilderness log cabin, and live in it for a year.


After his presentation, I was introduced to “Doc”, as his friends call him, by a mutual friend, who had spent a part of the previous two summers constructing that cabin. Over the next few months, we became friends, sharing our interests and adventures of time spent out-of-doors. As we were talking one evening over dinner, Doc spoke of how he had noticed my keen interest in the cabin during his presentation, by my wide eyed, on the edge of my seat interest. Doc spoke of how he would never be able to take a year away from his responsibilities, as the head of a local emergency clinic, to complete his dream, of living in the cabin for a year. As he paused, setting down his utensils and folding his hands before him, he asked how I would like to spend a year living in his cabin. As part of a two man team, the other person was a man just a couple years older than I, who had headed up the actual building of the cabin. Beginning early that summer, we would finish the work needed to make it livable, comfortable, and capable of providing a protective shelter, where two men could survive a winter in that extreme winter climate.


I was awe stricken, as one could expect. This opportunity took me by surprise. Sure, I had though of doing something like this, as most outdoor enthusiasts do. But having it actually offered to me, with a recently built cabin available, stunned me. He quickly told me not to answer him right now, but to think it over, talk with my parents and friends about it, and let him know after allowing some time to really think it over.


As he stated while we talked, there was a lot to consider, having just graduated from high school less than a year previous. There was quitting my jobs, saying good-bye to my girlfriend, ending moto-cross racing, and leaving behind friends and family. As I already had quite a background using many outdoor and wilderness skills, I would need the medical training to be the "team doctor". Walking away from my life in suburbia, he told me, and entering a world of absolute wilderness had its consequences, as well as perceived rewards. Thus, this is how I met and began a long fulfilling friendship with the most intelligent person I knew, as well as the “Father of Wilderness Medicine” as he is often referred to as.


To learn of my answer to Dr. Forgey’s question, of living a year in his wilderness log cabin, look to the new website I’m creating named The complete amazing history of this cabins existence, including the many expeditions that have traveled to and from it, will be told. A wide array of interesting and achieved individuals, who spent time there, will be introduced, along with parts of their individual journals writings, and photo’s taken.


As the website is under construction currently, bookmark its web address in your favorites, and check on it from time to time. It will be a work in progress for some time, as I’ll be adding real-life adventures to it over many months/years in the near future.

Paul, Tim, Scott, and Ralph helping build a cabin,

Manitoba Canada, August 1977

Midnight - Reindeer Lake,

Saskatchewan Canada, June 1970